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Engineering & Public Works

Sewerage and Drainage

The Sewerage and Drainage Department is responsible for the draining of ground water, the conveyance of sanitary sewage for the City of Richmond. Sewerage and Drainage is divided into three sections as follows:

Drainage/Storm Sewer Section
Responsible for the drainage and conveyance of rainwater deposited over the entire area of Richmond. Crews are responsible for the maintenance of box culverts, pipeline, manholes, catch basins and inspection chambers. This section responds to approximately 400 public requests per year. This section also coordinates the ditch and canal cleaning program for the City.

Sanitary Sewer Section
Responsible for ensuring the waste water is collected and deposited through the pipe network to the sanitary pump stations. Maintenance work includes the annual flushing program, as well as routine work relating to manholes and inspection chambers. Crews respond to demand maintenance work in situations where sewer mains backup or collapse.

Pump Stations Section

Ensures that all 152 sanitary pump stations are operating to ensure the collection of the sanitary waste is pumped to the forcemain which moves the material to Metro Vancouver treatment plants for processing. There are 39 drainage pump stations to pump rain and ground water deposited in the open ditches and pipes out to the river. The 39 drainage pump stations have the capability of pumping up to 5.1 million litres per minute when running at full capacity. These stations are visited on a daily basis to ensure water access to the pumps is maintained.

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