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Engineering & Public Works

Roads and Construction Services

Roads and Construction Services has an effective work force that meets the service needs of the community in a financially responsible way. This is accomplished by establishing new service-orientated approaches (efficiencies) and challenging (reviewing) current service levels on a continual basis.

The Roads and Construction Services is divided into the following sections:

Ensures that the quality of supplied materials and workmanship meets City standards and specifications in the maintenance and minor construction of Richmond's infrastructure. This section provides the following services:
  • Maintenance of centre line and cross walk markings on all City Roads
  • Maintenance of traffic and regulatory signage
  • Street light maintenance

This section is also responsible to the City by providing services within the following trade disciplines:

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Cement and Masonry Finishers
  • Paint Shop
  • Sign Manufacturing
Dyke Maintenance and Irrigation Services Section
Ensures that the integrity of Richmond's dyke network through regular maintenance and repair program meets the Provincial Dyking Authority requirements. It supplies the following service:

Dyke Maintenance

  • Liaises with provincial Dyke Inspector annually and Federal Fisheries and Fraser River Estuary Management Program agencies regarding compensation for habitat areas when external dyke repairs are required to the foreshore prior to commencement of such work in assigned Red Zones,
  • Schedules annual brushing program for dyke crests and slopes. This entails the removal of all vegetation growth other than grass during the dormant months from November to March,
  • Inspects dyke for animal dens and arranges for their removal/relocation (beavers, muskrats and rats),
  • Inspects dyke on regular basis for visible areas of damage due to erosion or wave action, rip rap slippage, high tides and contractors with a dyke crossing permit, and
  • Surveys the dyke elevations annually over a five year cycle.
  • Liaises with the Farmer Institute and individual crop & berry farmers for water requirements during growing and harvesting seasons, and
  • Regulates inlet valves at the various dyke pumping stations, the irrigation pump station (No. 8 Road and River Road), and internal weirs for water requirements, taking into consideration tidal conditions and weather so flooding does not occur.
Road Construction and Repair Section
Ensures that the quality of supplied materials and workmanship meets City standards and specifications in the maintenance and minor construction of Richmond's road network. This section provides the following services:

Road Maintenance - maintains City asphalt roadways, asphalt & gravel laneways, parking lots and gravel shoulders in the following areas:

  • Responds to complaints of potholes in roads,
  • Repairs or re-level road cuts from various utility installations that have settled, causing vibrations to home owners or businesses,
  • Repairs asphalt areas which have failed due to wear or other causes,
  • Maintains all gravel shoulders annually for potholes on main roads and bi-annually for subdivisions, and
  • Schedules the grading and compaction of all gravel roads and laneways as required.

Road Construction is active in minor capital or receivable projects:

  • Sub base preparation for the installation of curb, gutter, sidewalk, road widening and conduit for traffic signals as required,
  • Re-instatement of asphalt surface to proper standards after installation of water or sewer services, and
  • Final re-instatement of foreign utility cuts to City standards.
Road Programs
Ensures the integrity of Richmond's road network through timely maintenance by the most economical means. It supplies the following services:
  • Asphalt capping program carried out from April to October annually,
  • Crack sealing program which involves the application of liquid asphalt into fractures in the road to prevent water from infiltrating into the sub-base. The projected life of this product is 5 years,
  • Street sweeping program removes dirt and debris from City streets. Main roads are swept on a routing basis, but are also maintained as a result of complaints due to various sources. Subdivisions and industrial roads are scheduled to be swept four times annually. Hand sweeping is conducted in areas in which the machines cannot access,
  • Dust control is done by applying a dust suppressant (magnesium chloride to reduce dust problems on gravel roads, laneways, parking lots and wide road shoulders,
  • Snow and Ice Control is done to maintain safe driving conditions in adverse winter weather by the de-icing of roads or the removal of snow. Main roads and bus routes are given first priority, collector roads and Industrial roads are given second priority, and
  • Other duties include the Maintenance of the No. 2 Road Bridge expansion joints and sidewalks, cleanup of road ends where illegal dumping has occurred and construction of small or receivable projects.

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