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Engineering & Public Works

Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations provides, manages and operates a mixed fleet of vehicles, heavy equipment and an assortment of specialized work units for the City operations. The Section works in compliance with Provincial and Federal safety regulations. This section is responsible for Equipment, Operational, Maintenance and Repair Services, and Driver Training.

Provides skilled operators for trucks, equipment, welding services to the City. They also provide a 24 hour/7 day a week Utility Operation which provides emergency barricades and the collection of dead animal from our roads.


Can easily be described as a corporate "Rental Agency". The business has an income generated from monthly or hourly charges for equipment rental, equipment replacement reserves, operating expenses with a very minor annual "profit". This section manages the operational and financial aspects of the section's activities.

Maintenance and Repair Services
Maintains and repairs the city's fleet and small equipment with certified mechanics, lubrication section, tire specialists and service technicians.

Driver Training

Provides driver training and education programs to ensure safe practices, mitigate liabilities and driver benefits through substantially reduced insurance premiums. Full commercial driver training is carried out and licensing issued as required by Provincial regulations.

Green Fleet Action Plan
Richmond’s action plan and business strategy for improving fuel efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing overall environmental impact of equipment and vehicle operations.

The Green Fleet Action Plan highlights actions taken to date to reduce corporate emissions, establishes proposed reduction targets, and presents recommendations and detailed actions to achieve them.

See our Green Fleet Action Plan in the Sustainability and Environment section.

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