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Engineering & Public Works

Facility Services

The Facility Services section administers all maintenance services for all 130(+) City owned buildings, rental properties and 50(+) rental houses.  In addition to all planned maintenance and demand maintenance requests, this section also administers the facility energy management program, janitorial support, fire life safety systems, as well as building and staff security systems.

Providing Maintenance ServiceA comprehensive preventative maintenance program has been developed and is supported with "Hansen" our  Asset Management System. Hansen is used to record all planned and demand maintenance requests creating historical records for all facility assets, allowing us to predict and plan for equipment retrofits and replacements, minimizing unexpected equipment failure.

Energy Management
This section is responsible for developing annual heat and light utility budgets for all City facilities.  Utilizing direct digital control (DDC), heating, cooling and ventilating systems, and some lighting systems are programmed and scheduled to conserve energy in several of our buildings. Through this program DDC systems are added to existing facilities every year. We also identify and initiate "Power Smart" lighting and HVAC equipment retrofits, reducing energy costs through smart planning.

Work Control Centre

The Work Control Centre is the primary contact for all building maintenance needs and emergency issues for all City owned buildings. This call centre can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through email as well as by telephone. The telephone number is 604-233-3307.

To find out how to report graffiti on City owned buildings please see the Graffiti Hotline page in the Property Bylaws section.

Contacts: Facility Services

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