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Engineering & Public Works

Environmental Programs

The City of Richmond offers a number of comprehensive services designed to ensure a clean, livable and sustainable community for current and future generations. The Environmental Programs Department is responsible for coordinating the following services on behalf of residents:

Garbage and Recycling Collection
Garbage & Recycling for CollectionCity garbage collection services are provided under contract to single-family dwellings and some townhouse dwellings.

Richmond residents can recycle a variety of materials through our blue box and blue cart recycling programs. The City also offers Composting Bin Distribution services and Recycling Depot.  

Waste reduction initiatives, such as our 2-can limit for weekly garbage collection service, help to encourage recycling and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. 

GreenCanFood Scraps and Yard Trimmings Collection
Residents in single-family homes or those who receive City yard trimmings service can recycle  food scraps along with yard and garden trimmings in labelled Green Cans.

Composting yard trimmings and food scraps produce nutrient rich soil products and removes thousands of tonnes of organic material from landfill every year.

Litter Collection
City crews collect litter and abandoned waste from parks, bus stops, dykes and open spaces at various frequencies to meet peak seasonal demands.

The City’s “Partner for Beautification” program encourages the community to become involved in litter pickup and other clean-up initiatives by “adopting” various areas throughout the City. This program goes a long way towards enhancing Richmond’s overall appearance. 

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