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Divisions Responsible for Zoning Functions
Zoning related functions are managed by various divisions within the City. The Zoning Clerk in the Customer Service Division provides a first point of contacts contact. The Zoning Clerk provides customer service and interpretation for zoning, development applications, variance, signage, business licenses and towing permits.

Many of the zoning related applications are processed through the Development Applications Division. They include requests for rezoning, subdivisions, development permits, and development  variance permits. Applications for these services are received by the Zoning Clerk in the Customer Service area at City Hall.

Other zoning matters are handled by other Division or Departments. The Transportation and Building Approvals Divisions insure that related construction complies with the Zoning Bylaw. Request for Business Licences are received by the Zoning Clerk and processed by the Business Liaison Division. The Official Community Plan and the Zoning Bylaw are maintained by the Policy Planning Division and obtained through the City Clerks Department. Zoning compliance issues are followed up by the Bylaws Division and the Law Section.

Zoning information can be obtained from the Official Community Plan (OCP), the Zoning Bylaw and our GIS RIM Map System, see links below. There are links in the map that will take you to the related Zoning Bylaw pages.
Contact Us: Zoning Clerk
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