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Elector Approval

Cambie Field Park Proposed Land Sale and Park Relocation

The Alternative Approval Process for Cambie Field - Sale of Park Bylaw 8927 - Sexsmith Road has been completed.  A Certificate of Alternative Approval Process was issued, declaring that the approval of the electors was obtained.

Richmond City Council considered a proposal to relocate the current Cambie Field Park, located at 3651 Sexsmith Road, to a larger park parcel in the immediate vicinity. As part of a rezoning application for a proposed development, Polygon Homes would purchase the current park land, while simultaneously selling an equal area of land to the City, subdivided from 8331, 8351 and 8371 Cambie Road.

See PDF Document Notice of Alternative Approval Process for map and detailed information.

How electors benefit from the relocation of Cambie Field Park
The proposed sale of park land essentially relocates Cambie Field Park. The benefits to residents and park visitors include increased street frontage for access and parking. As well, the park will be over 38 per cent larger partly due to the City’s park land dedication requirements for Polygon Homes’ rezoning application.

If electors support the proposed relocation
Council may proceed with the adoption of Bylaw 8927, the Cambie Field – Sale of Park, unless at least ten per cent (13,108) of the eligible electors oppose the proposed land sale. Those who support the proposed park land relocation are not required to perform any other action.

If electors are opposed to the proposed land sale
If opposed to the proposed land sale, electors are instructed to sign and submit an original PDF Document Alternative Approval Process form. This form is available from November 20, 2013 to January 17, 2014:

  • At City Hall during regular business hours – 8:15 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays)
  • PDF Document On the City web site
  • By contacting the City Clerk’s Office at 604-276-4007.

Only electors of the City of Richmond are eligible to submit originally signed Alternative Approval Process forms. These forms must be received at City Hall by 5 pm on Friday, January 17, 2014. Photocopies of signed forms cannot be accepted.