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Council Term Goals 2014-2018

Well-Informed Citizenry

Icon9Council views communication and transparency with the public as a top priority. Though a lot is being done already, Council continues to view the need for an open, responsive, accountable and transparent government as essential. Council understands that growth and change can cause anxiety when the public is not well-informed. Council wants to ensure information about growth, plans, financial decisions, and progress towards Council Term Goals is available through many mediums and is easily accessible, understandable and available to citizens. Equally important is the opportunity for the community to be engaged in various levels of dialogue and decisions with the City. Council would like to see an increase in community engagement for all ages and segments of the community to ensure everyone has a voice and is involved in building a better Richmond together.

Council priorities for well-informed citizenry:
Goal 9 Childpage - Well Informed9.1 Understandable, timely, easily accessible public communication.

9.2 Effective engagement strategies and tools.

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