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About City Council

Council Term Goals 2014-2018

Council decisions guide and influence the City’s social and physical development, the quality of life and lifestyle choices available to residents, the relative safety and protection of residents and businesses, and the role the City plays within the region. To help Council manage this important agenda, a “Term Goal Setting” process is undertaken at the start of each new term of office to determine Council’s desired focus and priorities in order to ensure City work programs are appropriately aligned. This process forms an integral part of City operations, and helps to ensure a focused and productive workforce that makes the most effective use of public resources. In alphabetical order, the nine goal areas for the 2014-2018 term of Council include:

Goal 1: A Safe Community

Maintain emphasis on community safety to ensure Richmond continues to be a safe community. More »

Goal 2: A Vibrant, Active, and Connected City

Grandmother with babyContinue the development and implementation of an excellent and accessible system of programs, services, and public spaces that reflect Richmond’s demographics, rich heritage, diverse needs, and unique opportunities, and that facilitate active, caring, and connected communities. More »

Goal 3: A Well-Planned Community

Adhere to effective planning and growth management practices to maintain and enhance the livability, sustainability and desirability of our City and its neighbourhoods, and to ensure the results match the intentions of our policies and bylaws. More »

Goal 4: Leadership in Sustainability

Recycling outdoorsContinue advancement of the City’s sustainability framework and initiatives to improve the short and long term livability of our City, and that maintain Richmond’s position as a leader in sustainable programs, practices and innovations. More »

Goal 5: Partnerships and Collaboration

Continue development and utilization of collaborative approaches and partnerships with intergovernmental and other agencies to help meet the needs of the Richmond community. More »

Goal 6: Quality Infrastructure Networks

Women speed walkingContinue diligence towards the development of infrastructure networks that are safe, sustainable, and address the challenges associated with aging systems, population growth, and environmental impact. More »

Goal 7: Strong Financial Stewardship

Maintain the City’s strong financial position through effective budget processes, the efficient and effective use of financial resources, and the prudent leveraging of economic and financial opportunities to increase current and long-term financial sustainability. More »

Goal 8: Supportive Economic Development Environment

Children at Maritime FestivalReview, develop and implement plans, policies, programs and practices to increase business and visitor appeal and promote local economic growth and resiliency. More »

Goal 9: Well-Informed Citizenry

Continue to develop and provide programs and services that ensure the Richmond community is well-informed and engaged on City business and decision making. More »

Council Term Goals
Achievement Highlights for 2015

Council adopted the above set of Council Term Goals on May 25, 2015 for the term of 2014-2018 to help guide City work programs during this four-year term of office. These goals are monitored and reviewed with Council at least annually, and adjusted as required to ensure they remain relevant in light of changing community, organizational, and political priorities. The report(s) below summarize the highlights of the progress and achievements made toward Council's Term Goals-to-date.

Council Term Goals 2014-2018 Achievement Highlights for 2015