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Zoning Bylaw 8500

Part B: Standard Zones

Section 8

Residential Zones
8.1 RS1/A-H, J-K, RS2/A-H, J-K Single Detached
8.2 RC1, RC2 Compact Single Detached
8.3 RCH, RCH1 Coach Houses
8.4 RD1, RD2 Two-Unit Dwellings
8.5 RI1, RI2 Infill Residential
8.6 RTL1, RTL2, RTL3, RTL4 Low Density Townhouses
8.7 RTM1, RTM2, RTM3, RTM4 Medium Density Townhouses
8.8 RTH1, RTH2, RTH3, RTH4 High Density Townhouses
8.9 RTP1, RTP2, RTP3, RTP4 Parking Structure Townhouses
8.10 RAL1, RAL2 Low Density Low Rise Apartments
8.11 RAM1, RAM2, RAM3 Medium Density Low Rise Apartments
8.12 RAH1, RAH2 High Density Low Rise Apartments
8.13 RCC Residential Child Care
8.14 RE1 Single Detached with Granny Flat or Coach House - Edgemere

Section 9 Mixed Use Zones
9.1 CN Neighbourhood Commercial
9.2 CS2, CS3 Steveston Commercial
9.3 CDT1, CDT2, CDT3 Downtown Commercial
9.4 RCL1, RCL2, RCL3, RCL4, RCL5 Residential/Limited Commercial

Section 10 Commercial Zones
10.1 CL Local Commercial
10.2 CC Community Commercial
10.3 CA Auto-Oriented Commercial
10.4 CEA Entertainment & Athletics
10.5 CG1, CG2 Gas & Service Stations
10.6 CP1, CP2 Pub & Sales
10.7 CV Vehicle Sales
10.8 CR Roadside Stand

Section 11 Marina Zones
11.1 MA1, MA2 Marina

Section 12 Industrial Zones
12.1 I Industrial
12.2 IL Light Industrial
12.3 IB1, IB2 Industrial Business Park
12.4 IR1, IR2 Industrial Retail
12.5 IS, IS1 Industrial Storage

Section 13 Institutional Zones
13.1 AIR Airport
13.2 SI School & Institutional Use
13.3 ASY Assembly
13.4 HC Health Care

Section 14 Agriculture & Golf Zones
14.1 AG1,  AG3, AG4 Agriculture
14.2 GC Golf Course