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City Hall

Progress Photos

The 120,000 square foot City Hall is comprised of four major building components that create an ensemble of public spaces. The use of a range of building elements allows the scheme to respond to both the specific needs of the programme components and the various conditions of the site. Although the formal front door faces No. 3 Road, universal access from all directions is provided for pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

The major building components enclose a public square that serves as another major entry court to City Hall and accommodates major civic events and celebrations. The Civic Square is both a major gathering place for City Hall events and an urban oasis.

The City Hall is at the intersection of Number 3 Road and Granville Avenue, the address is:

Richmond City Hall
6911 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC
V6Y 2C1

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Exterior and Interior Photographs: July 2000

Exterior and Interior Photographs: February 2000

Aerial Photographs: December 1999

Aerial Photographs: October 1999

Aerial Photographs: September 1999

Aerial Photographs: July 1999

Aerial Photographs: May 1999

April 1999