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City Hall


City Hall Location MapRichmond City Hall is at the northwest corner of No 3 Road and Granville Avenue. Due to high demand, the supply of parking at the City Hall has been balanced between the needs of our visitors, residents and operational vehicles.

Public Parking - Short Term - 30 minutes
Short term, 30 minute public parking is provided at the plaza level and is located directly adjacent to City Hall (north side) (see Map 1 below -green area).
It can be used by delivery vehicles or the public who are dropping off or picking up items within 30 minutes.

Courier Parking - Short Term - 15 minutes
Short term, 15 minute courier parking is provided at the plaza level and is located directly adjacent the City Hall.

Public Parking - On Site Medium Term - 30 minutes to 2 hoursRichmond City Hall
Medium term, 2 hour public parking, is provided at the lower surface level for those visiting City Hall. (see Map 1 below - yellow area).  This lot has a maximum 2 hour parking limit. Please observe all regulatory signage.

Public Parking - Off-Site Long Term - Over 2 hours

    Map 2 City Hall & Surrounding
Areas -
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City Hall & Surrounding Area Parking Map
Parking is available at the Cultural Centre parkade (top level) or at Minoru Park please refer to map. Please observe all regulatory signage.

Parking for People with Disabilities
Visitors with disabilities may use the designated spaces in the plaza level parking area north of City Hall, for which there are no set time restrictions. (see Map 1 below - orange area). An approved disability parking permit (SPARC or DRC) must be displayed on your vehicle.


Bicycle racks are available at the No. 3 Road entrance and in the public plaza.

Deliveries (under 30 minutes) can take place in the 30 minute public parking area on the plaza level (see Map 1 below - green area).  Additional spaces for deliveries or unloading are on the  west side of the building (see Map 1 below - red area).

Map 1 - City Hall Surface Area Parking
City Hall Surface Area Parking