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City Hall


Awards and RecognitionThe Administration Tower
The Architecture has received a national design award and is currently being critiqued by national media.

A Commercial Building Incentive Program award (CBIP) has been received for the efforts of energy management. This was achieved by comparing the energy costs of the sustainable design with a building of conventional construction. It was proven to be at leThe New City Hallast 25% more efficient.

The success of this project and its approach to innovation and the environment has created interest in other local governments. For example, the Cities of Vancouver, Kelowna and Pitt Meadows have toured the construction and are interested in the Front of House concept. The intellectual community from the University of British Columbia will be monitoring the success of sustainability. Also, respected architectural and construction journalists have published critiques of the project.

The efforts made in the careful monitoring of waste material collection has received critical acclaim from the GVRD.