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City Hall

Public Art

"Span" (2000)
"Span" with the City Hall in the Back GroundThe "Span" artwork consists of two distinct elements.

The first is a large bridge-like structure (8' by 24') that supports multiple stainless steel layers, each with lasered-incised drawings. This structure is located toward the interior courtyard's eastern edge. The drawings describe images of weather, clouds, cannery buildings, bridges, reeds, plants, tidal pools, interpretations of the microscopic organic material. Repetitions and patterns reveal fingerprint-like relief maps marking worn paths and routes yet to be taken.

The second element consists of three smaller structures dispersed throughout the site's landscaped areas. Survey instruments (apertures), enabling the individual to view and visualize different spaces-architectural, social, narrative or imaginative. Bringing together images which reflect Richmond in a particular physicality. Linking small intimate details with the magnitude of geography.

The artwork also includes fibre optic lighting to illuminate it during evening hours.