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City Buildings

All Buildings List

The City has more than 140 buildings, with 13 major sites. Please note that some of these buildings are used to run City programs while others are leased or made available through partnership agreements between the City and non-profit organizations that provide essential services in Richmond.

Buildings Address
Aquatic Centre - Minoru 7560 Minoru Gate
Aquatic Centre - Centennial 7560 Minoru Gate
South Arm Pool 10100 South Arm Place
Steveston Pool 4151 Moncton Street
Watermania 14300 Entertainment Blvd.
Arena - Minoru Rinks one and two 7551 Minoru Gate
Richmond Ice Centre 14140 Triangle Road
Stanley's Bar and Grill 14140 Triangle Road
Caretaker - Blundell Park 6380 Blundell Road
Caretaker - Brighouse Park 7840 Granville Avenue
Caretaker - Garry Point 12771 7th Ave
Caretaker - Hugh Boyd Pitch/Putt 9751 Pendleton Road
Caretaker - London Fieldhouse 6460 Williams Road
Caretaker - London Farm 6511 Dyke Road & Gilbert Road
Caretaker - McDonald Beach 3500 McDonald Beach Road
Caretaker - McNair Park 9460 No. 4 Road
Caretaker - Minoru Park 7251 Granville Avenue
Caretaker - Kinsmen Pavilion 11891 Westminster Highway
Caretaker - Nature Park House 11891 Westminster Highway
Caretaker - Palmer Fieldhouse 9571 Ferndale Rd.
Caretaker - Park House 5400 River Road
Caretaker - Scout/Guide 11551 Dyke Road & No 5 Rd
Caretaker - South Arm Pool 10100 South Arm Place
Caretaker - Steveston Park 4271 Moncton Street
Riverside Children's Centre 5862 Dover Crescent
Daycare - Terra Nova 6011 Blanshard Drive
Daycare - Tree House 5500 Andrews Rd.
 Daycare - Cranberry  23591 Westminster Hwy
 Daycare - West Cambie  4033 Tolberg Street
Cook Road Child Care Facility 8300 Cook Road
House(Branscombe) 4900 Steveston Highway
House (Park) 5400 River Road
Cambie Community Centre 12800 Cambie Road
 City Centre Community Centre  5900 Minoru Blvd
Lang Centre (Rosiario)(City Centre) #140 - 8279 Saba Road
East Richmond Community Hall 12360 Cambie Road
Hamilton Community Centre 5140 Smith Drive 
Sea Island Community Hall 7140 Miller Road
South Arm Community Centre 8880 Williams Road
South Arm Community Hall 9020 Williams Road
Steveston Community Centre 4111 Moncton Street
Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre 4255 Moncton Street
Steveston Tennis Building 4111 Moncton Street
Steveston Martial Arts 4251 Moncton Street
Thompson Community Centre 6671 Lynas Lane
Thompson Community Hall  6671 Lynus Lane
West Richmond Community Centre 9180 # 1 Road
West Richmond Pitch/Putt Fieldhouse 9771 Pendleton Road
West Richmond Pitch/Putt Clubhouse 9771 Pendleton Road
No.1 6931 Granville  (Temporary address during construction at 6960 Gilbert Road)
No.2 11011 No.2 Road
No.3 9100 Bridgeport Road
No.4 3911 Russ Baker Way
No.5 22451 Westminster
No.6 9400 No.4 Road
No. 7 5731 No.6 Road
Brighouse Library (main branch) 7700 Minoru Gate
Library Cultural Centre
Gallery, Museum, Museum Storage, Plaza Café
7700 Minoru Gate
Library Cultural Centre Parkade 7691 Minoru Gate
Ironwood Library #8200-11688 Steveston Hwy.
East Richmond Library 150 - 11590 Cambie Road
Steveston SPO 142/museum 3811 Moncton Street
Steveston Library 4111 Moncton Street
Animal Shelter 12071 No. 5 Road
Bagel Building
Opera Society
5671 #3 Road

Blundell  Park Fieldhouse 6380 Blundell Road
Brighouse Park Fieldhouse 7840 Granville Avenue
Britannia Heritage Shipyards
Cannery Dwelling, Native Building,
Japanese Duplex, Murakami Boat Works,
Murakami House, Richmond Boat Works,
Seine Loft Building #9, Ship Yard Building #18
5180 Westwater Drive
Kwantlen Building
Ministry of Social Services (tenant)
Ministry of Attorney General (tenant)
7577 Elmbridge Way
#130 - 5840 Cedarbridge Way
#180 - 5840 Cedarbridge Way
New City Hall 6911 No. 3 Road
Civic  Storage Facility 4631 Shell Road - Unit 110
Family Place 8660 Ash Street
Fishing Pier No.3 Road
Gateway Theatre 6500 Gilbert Road
Hugh Boyd Pk./ Soccer Clubhouse 4020 Francis Road
London Farm House 6511 Dyke Road
London/Steveston Fieldhouse 6460 Williams Road
McDonald Beach Fieldhouse 3500 McDonald Beach Road
McNair Park Fieldhouse 9460 No. 4 Road
Minoru Chapel 6540 Gilbert Road
McLennan North Park 9120 Alberta Road
Minoru Fieldhouse 7251 Granville Avenue
Minoru Grandstands 7451 Minoru Gate
Minoru Lawn Bowl Clubhouse 7238 Westminster Highway
Minoru Park Tennis Clubhouse 6820 Gilbert Road
Minoru Park Storage 7191 Granville Ave.
Minoru Pavilion Track  Storage 7191 Granville Ave
Minoru Place Seniors Centre 7660 Minoru Gate
Nature Park House 11851 Westminster Highway
Nature Park Pavilion 11852 Westminster Highway
Palmer/Garden City Fieldhouse 8725 Garden City
City Hall Annex 6900 Minoru Boulevard
South Arm Community Police 8880 Williams Road
Steveston Community Police 4371 Moncton Street
Dixon Park Washrooms Gormond Road/Jesmond Avenue
Francis Road Washrooms Francis Road
Garry Point Wash Rooms Garry Point
Gibbons Park Concession Westminster Hwy & Gibbon Drive
Gibbons Park Washrooms Westminster Hwy & Gibbon Drive
Gilbert Road South Nursery 13871 No. 3 Rd.
Gilmore Park Washrooms Kelmore Rd & Youngmore Rd.
King George Park Washrooms 4100 No. 5 Road
Steveston Park Bandshell North of Steveston C. Centre
Steveston  Baseball Building East of Martial Arts Centre
Steveston Park Fieldhouse 4311 Moncton Street
Salmon Festival Bldg. 4111 Moncton Street
Tait Park Washrooms 10051 Findlayson Dr.
Thomas Kidd Park Washrooms 10951 Shell Road
Thomas Kidd Trail Washroom Thomas Kidd Trail
Trail Washroom - Blundell Blundell
Trail Washroom - #3 Road Trail Washroom - # 3 Road
Trail Washroom - # 7 Road Pier Trail Washroom - # 7 Road Pier
Trail Washroom - London Landing Trail Washroom - London Landing
Trail Washroom - Middle Arm Trail Washroom - Middle Arm
Trail Washroom - Terra Nova Terra Nova Trail Washroom
Rod and Gun Club 7891 Cambie Road 278-9967
Scotch Pond 2220 Chatham
Guide Camp Fieldhouse 11551 Dyke Road & No 5 Rd.
City Operations Yard 5599 Lynas Lane
Administration Building - Public Works 5599 Lynas Lane
Works Yard Annex (Civic & Parks) 5599 Lynas Lane
Dispersal 5599 Lynas Lane
Garage/Workshop 5599 Lynas Lane
RCMP Compound 5599 Lynas Lane
Recycle Depot 5599 Lynas Lane
Recycle Trailer  5599 Lynus Lane
Storage Buildings  (Stores) 5599 Lynas Lane
Survey/Lab Building Inspectors 5599 Lynas Lane
Bath SLH East of #5 Rd on River Rd.
Blundell West Blundell Rd. West on Dyke
Cambie Cambie Rd & River Rd.
Edgemere Williams Rd. & Aragon (Rear Lane)
Ewan South End #9 Rd. on Dyke
Francis West Francis Rd. West on Dyke
Gilbert North Hollybridge Rd & River Rd.
Horsehoe SI South End #5 Rd/Steveston Hwy.
McCallan North McCallan Rd. & River Rd on Dyke
Miller Miller Rd. E. Sea Island Bridge S.
Nelson South South End Nelson Rod. & Dyke
No 1 Rd. North #1 Rd & River Rd.
No 1 Rd. South South End #1 Rd. on Dyke
No. 2 Rd North #2 Rd & River Rd.
No. 2 Road South South End #2 Road on Dyke
No. 3 Rd. South South End #3 Road & Dyke
No. 6 Rd North #6 Rd & River Rd.
No. 6 Rd South #6 Rod & Steveston Hwy
No 7 Rd North #7 Road & River Rd.
No 7 Rd South Triangle Road to Dyke Road
No 8 Rd North #8 Road & River Road
Peace Arch East on Rice Hill Road to Dyke
Queensburough River Rd, West of Old West Hwy.
Shell North Shell Road & River Rd.
Sherman Williams Road & Secote
Williams West West End Williams Rd. on Dyke