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About the Archives


Reference Services
  • Reference service is the assistance provided to staff and public researchers by Archives' staff in finding material relevant to a research topic or question. This help includes how to use finding aids, both on-line and in-house,  narrowing or widening a search, and how to handle archival documents.
  • Limited reference service is available for those making inquiries from a distance.  This usually takes the form of informing the researcher of resources available and, if appropriate, mailing photocopied materials or e-mailing PDFs of scanned documents. A visit to the Archives is encouraged to view original records in person.
  • An appointment is advised to ensure the archivist will be available to assist you when you come to the Archives.
Photograph Reproduction Services
  • The City of Richmond Archives online database contains more than 10,000 photographs that document the people, events, and places of the community of Richmond from the late 1800s to modern times. This database however contains only a small portion of the Archives holdings. Please contact us if your search results do not include what you are looking for.
  • Images are subject to the Copyright Act of Canada. They are provided on this website for research purposes only. Re-use requires written permission.
  • In purchasing a print, the researcher obtains permission for personal use only. Permission is not granted for further reproduction or for use other than that specified in the original photograph order.
  • We require that all City of Richmond Archives photographs that are published include a credit as to the source of the photograph as in the following example: "City of Richmond Archives, Photograph #1234 56 78."
  • Reproductions of these photographs in both print and digital form are available for purchase and use according to specific terms and conditions. Fees and prices vary according to usage and type of reproduction. Photograph reproduction orders cannot be processed until a signed Conditions of Use Agreement has been received by the City of Richmond Archives. A copy of the fee schedule and the conditions of use agreement can be downloaded in PDF format:
  • PDF Document Conditions of Use Agreement
  • PDF Document Reproduction Fees and Services
Photocopy Services
  • Photocopies (b+w) cost 35 cents per page.
  • Photocopies (colour) cost 50 cents per page.
  • Archival materials will be copied by staff. The photocopier is not publicly available. If the photocopy request is large you may be asked to return another day to pick up your copies.
  • For conservation reasons some fragile paper documents are not available for copying.
Microfilm Services
  • A microfilm reader/printer is available for public use.
  • Copies cost 35 cents per page.