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City Administration

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Our Chief Administrative Officer is George Duncan.

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the City of Richmond is appointed by, and reports to, City Council. The CAO oversees the overall administration of the corporate body (business units/operations) of the City, its officers and employees. In addition, the CAO is charged with keeping Council up to date on corporate matters and ensuring that Council policy is implemented and bylaws are enforced.

The CAO also leads the senior executive team and sets the overall strategic direction to ensure achievement of Council's Term Goals.

The CAO is supported by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Robert Gonzalez. The Deputy CAO provides assistance to the CAO in fulfilling his responsibilities, as well as overseeing Human Resources, Intergovernmental Relations and Protocol (IGR),  and Corporate Communications and Marketing, as well as participating in the development of corporate policy, supporting strategic and corporate planning, overseeing special projects and coordinating interdivisional projects and initiatives as required.

The CAO’s Office is also home to the Corporate Planning and Programs Management Group (CPMG).  CPMG and IGR are responsible for research and development of corporate policy, strategic and corporate planning, intergovernmental relations, corporate communications, protocol, business advisory, special projects and coordination of interdivisional projects and initiatives.

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Division General Managers

The City of Richmond is comprised of eight divisions. The divisions are each headed by a General Manager. The CAO and the General Managers form the Senior Management Team (SMT). SMT provides overall corporate leadership to the organization.

Finance & Corporate Services
Andrew Nazareth, General Manager
Community Services
Cathryn Volkering Carlile, General Manager
Engineering & Public Works
Robert Gonzalez, General Manager
Law & Community Safety
John McGowan, Acting General Manager
Planning & Development
Joe Erceg, General Manager