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Application Process

Selection Process

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You’ve submitted an application for an advertised job opening with the City of Richmond. What happens next?

Your advancement through the recruitment process may take four to six weeks and depends upon successful completion of each of the following stages:

"There are so many opportunities for growth and training from an excellent group of technical staff. They’re very knowledgeable and care about the community.”
Manager, Fleet & Environmental Programs
Suzanne - Careers

Application for Employment
The City of Richmond uses an applicant tracking system for candidates wishing to view available career opportunities, apply for currently posted positions, submit a general application for future consideration or set up a personal Agent to receive email notifications of new employment opportunities in your field of interest. We welcome you to register with us today and find out more about our new career opportunities as they arise.

City of Richmond Firefighter applicants must complete the Firefighter Application for Employment. For more information see Fire-Rescue.

Short-listing is the process of narrowing down the applicant pool to determine which individuals move on to the Assessment stage.

The City of Richmond conducts a variety of assessment tests to measure skills that could be reasonably expected for all job openings. Assessment may involve written exams or computer-based skills testing. Basic skills include: reading, arithmetic, typing, data entry, measurement, inspection, process monitoring, problem solving, and accuracy checking.

“I have progressed from a Draftsman to an Engineering Technician, to an Engineering Assistant in the fast-paced Development Applications Division. I have grown as a person and as a valued employee who can be counted on to complete assignments.”
Engineering Assistant,
Development and Processing
Jeff - Careers

If you are considered for a position, you will be contacted by a hiring supervisor or a member of our Human Resources Department for an in-person or phone interview. You may be interviewed several times by more than one member of our team.

Telephone Interview
In some cases, you may be selected for a pre-screening telephone interview where you will be given a questionnaire used to match your skills and experience against your chosen job opportunity. This is your chance to sell yourself and your skills, so be sure to let us know why you are the best person for the job.

In-Person Interview
You may be invited to attend one or more in-person interviews where we will try to learn more about you and your qualifications. This is also your opportunity to learn more about the City of Richmond and the position for which you are applying. You may be asked to provide professional references at this stage.

"Being part of such an amazing team and positive environment is a place you would want to be a part of. The City of Richmond is a great and rewarding place to work."

Pension & Benefits Associate

Reference Check
All applicants will be notified upon completion of the interview stage. If you are the preferred candidate, we will ask to contact your professional references to verify the information you have provided.

Criminal Record Check
Applicants for jobs in certain designated areas within the City must submit to a Criminal Record Check prior to employment confirmation. For more information on criminal record checks, visit

Offer of Employment
If you are the successful candidate you will receive a phone call from the hiring supervisor as well as a written offer of employment. At this point you may also be subject to a criminal record check.