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City Career Opportunities

Short-Term, On-Call, Seasonal

People, Excellence, Leadership, Team, Innovation

The City of Richmond has a variety of diverse positions to offer. Some career options to consider are:

Leah - Careers

“I have received a lot of informal mentoring and support not only from past and present supervisors, but also from various coworkers. The City of Richmond is always looking to grow people who show dedication and promise so, if you're willing to work hard, you will be noticed. As a result, you can create your own opportunities and tackle new challenges throughout your career.”
Executive Assistant, Engineering and Public Works

On-Call, Temporary or Seasonal Work Opportunities
Parks and Recreation Summer Programs
Hiring for summer programs is the combined responsibility of community associations and the Summer Programs Coordinating Committee. Each year, a nominated host facility distributes and collects application forms. Please contact Recreation and Cultural Services at 604-276-4107 for host facility information.

The City of Richmond’s Aquatic Services employs over 100 lifeguard/instructors at four aquatic facilities, with additional positions filled during the busy summer months. For more information on qualifications and application procedures, please visit Lifeguard Job Opportunities.

Park Caretakers
The City of Richmond Parks Department lists available caretaker positions in local newspapers and also online under Current Postings.

Clerical and Accounting Auxiliaries
of our long-term employees started out as Auxiliary workers, so apply today and get started on the career of your dreams.

Occasional and short-term auxiliary positions at the City of Richmond are filled as needed. Such positions may include:

  • Clerical/Administrative
  • Telephone Operator/Receptionist
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Records Management
  • Telephone Reception
  • Customer Service
  • Cashiering

Related training and experience, together with proficiency in word processing and spreadsheet applications, keyboarding speed of 50+ words per minute, and a strong customer focus, are highly desirable. Compensation varies depending on assignment.

Seasonal Staff - Parks and Public Works
Temporary staff are hired in the spring to work in areas serviced by the City Works Yard, including Parks, Water Services, Road and Construction, Sewerage and Drainage, Fleet Operations, Environmental Programs and Trades. Related training and experience, together with strong customer focus, are highly desirable. Compensation varies depending on assignment.

Co-operative and Internship Programs

Glenn - Careers

“The City has treated me well ever since I started as a Co-op. There always seems to be new opportunities and they're willing to develop internal staff. I've been fortunate enough to be involved with projects/work outside of my standard job profile. This helped me expand my skill set and it built trust in my managers that I can do more."
Microcomputer Applications Specialist
The City of Richmond supports work-based learning where students are given the opportunity to gain practical experience outside the classroom. As part of this philosophy, we partner with local organizations and colleges to offer placements in a variety of fields.

Our Information Technology Department proactively engages co-operative students as part of their Help Desk staffing strategy. The Help Desk provides an essential service as the central point of contact for staff when they experience telecommunications or computer related issues.

Many of our IT staff started their careers at the City of Richmond as co-op students.

Volunteer internship opportunities may also be available at the City of Richmond for students looking to gain practical experience in their field of choice.

If you are interested in a co-operative placement or internship, please contact our Human Resources Department, or your preferred department, and provide your program details. We will work with you to explore opportunities that may be possible.

Engineer-in-Training Program
The City of Richmond’s Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Program is a four-year, paid internship rotating through the following sections of the City’s Engineering and Public Works Division and the Project Development and Facility Services areas:
  • Engineering Planning
  • Engineering Design and Construction
  • Facility Operations and Maintenance
  • Facility Planning and Construction
  • Public Works Operations

This program provides recent university graduates an opportunity to learn the technical and management skills required to become a municipal engineer, and gain experience and knowledge while filling needs within the department.

Community Facilities
Staffing at Richmond’s community facilities, such as community centers and pools, is a shared responsibility of the City and various community associations. Applications for non-city staff employment opportunities at these facilities must be directed to their respective Community Partners

Employment opportunities for all Community Association and Gateway Theatre positions are not City of Richmond positions. Such job vacancies are administered independently through each association. To view Community Association or Gateway Theatre job postings please visit Community Association Opportunities.

Please refer to the Parks & Recreation and Culture Heritage sections for more information.