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People Development

We Develop You

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Orientation Program 
Your development begins from your first day on the job, as an employee of the City of Richmond, with our Employee Orientation Program, until the day you retire, with our Getting Ready for Retirement sessions. The People Development team, within Human Resources, maintains overall responsibility to ensure there are adequate resources in place to develop staff to learn the skills and gain the abilities required to have a successful long-term career with the City.
Sean - Careers “The City is a big supporter of  staff training and development. There are a variety of courses to choose from, which include, diversity awareness, customer service training, leadership development and a variety of computer courses. From the top down, there are many opportunities created for people to succeed as leaders.”
Coordinator, Special Needs

“I have taken numerous courses to further my career with the City of Richmond. These courses allowed me to obtain my Certificate in Local Government Administration. As a result of my experience and courses, I have been assigned in a senior acting role." 
Legislative Services Coordinator

Hanieh - Careers