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Our Commitment

Core Values

  People, Excellence, Leadership, Team, Innovation

The City of Richmond is an incredibly diverse and high performing values-based organization. Our values are at the core of what we do; they define our culture, represent our collective conscience, and define the basic principles by which we operate. Our values govern the way we make decisions, guide us as we interact with our community, and shape our unique workplace culture and environment.

Our Core Values
From senior management to auxiliary staff, these values are the lifeblood of the City of Richmond, and we do our best to maintain them through policy and practice every day.   "The people who work for Richmond are the champions of Richmond's values. Through integrated planning, team based decision making and a focus on the future, Richmond strives to achieve a common vision."


Senior Manager, Parks

Our Core Values define our Corporate culture, how we interact with each other and perform our duties at work.   

Our belief in people is our number one commitment. We are fair, respectful, supportive and inclusive. We reflect this belief by:

  • putting people first
  • supporting and encouraging staff growth and development
  • celebrating and appreciating each other’s efforts and successes

We demonstrate the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. To be the best we can possibly be, we must always strive for outstanding results from all parts of the organization. We demonstrate excellence through:

  • focusing on customer service
  • practising continuous improvement
  • being accountable and taking responsibility for ourselves and our work

As we strive to achieve our corporate vision, quality leadership is demonstrated by every person in the organization through behaviours that reflect:

  • honesty, integrity and respect
  • effective and open communication
  • empowerment and commitment to our purpose

We believe in the power of team. We are all one team; there are no silos. We succeed, learn and work together to achieve our vision through:

  • focusing on our common goals
  • demonstrating concern for fellow team members
  • building on our strengths and collective knowledge 

Innovation is the key to our success. We work collaboratively, both internally and externally, to be innovative, responsive leaders in municipal government in a rapidly changing world. We do this by:

  • challenging the status quo
  • learning from others and from past experiences
  • taking well-managed risks and unleashing our creativity

Aligning Values and Beliefs
Belief in your work and the values of your organization is essential for job satisfaction. Our employees are proud to share our core values of People, Excellence, Leadership, Team and Innovation.

 "One of the many reasons I like working for the City of Richmond is that it empowers me to perform my job in the most effective and efficient manner. At Richmond, employee ideas are always welcomed and innovation is encouraged. One of our values is to strive for excellence and this has become our mantra in everything we do."


Water Reduction & Recycling Coordinator

Linh - Careers

Kate - Careers  "I believe that the City stays true to its values and supports the needs and growth of its employees. The City's core values and vision is embedded in every employee, from top management down to the auxiliary workers."


Administrative Assistant

To learn more about the City of Richmond values and vision visit Our Vision Statement.

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