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Our Commitment


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Our employees are the key to the efficient operation of the City of Richmond, therefore we are committed to offering an excellent benefits plan for our staff.

We offer comprehensive health and benefit packages that vary depending upon employee group (whether you are hired into one of our non-union or unionized groups) and status (full-time, part-time, temporary, or casual/auxiliary). Most benefit packages include the following: 

The Medical Services Plan insures medically required services provided by physicians and supplementary health care practitioners, laboratory services and diagnostic procedures. All residents of BC must enroll with the plan and premiums are required. 

In most cases, the City of Richmond shares the cost of plan premiums with employees. The specifics of the cost share arrangement vary across employee groups and status.

 Dan - Careers "I still work for the City of Richmond because they have always offered competitive wages and great benefits, while providing the training needed to advance my career."

Water Services Maintenance Worker

Extended Health
Our Extended Health plans are intended to cover most medical expenses not covered by the BC Medical Plan, including all reasonable and customary charges for emergency care incurred while travelling outside BC. Our plans include coverage for such things as: medical equipment and services; prescription drug coverage; hospital and nursing services; emergency dental care; vision care; and paramedical services.

Our Dental plans provide reimbursement of basic, restorative and orthodontic services, subject to some maximums. Depending on employee group and status, our Dental plans include: diagnostic services (such as exams and x-rays); preventive services (such as cleaning and polishing); restorative services (such as fillings); endodontics (including root canal therapy); periodontics (treatment of bones and gums); prosthetic repairs (such as denture repairs); surgical services (such as extractions); and orthodontics.

Life Insurance
Our Life Insurance coverage provides for a benefit to be paid to a designated beneficiary upon an employee’s death. Benefit maximums vary across employee groups and status. Employees may opt to purchase additional life insurance through payroll deduction.

Sick Leave
The City of Richmond recognizes the importance of protection of earnings during a period of absence due to illness or injury.

CUPE and Fire employee groups are provided with full pay for up to the total number of sick leave days credited. Depending on employment status and after six months of employment, CUPE and Fire employees may accrue sick leave credits on the basis of one and two thirds (1 2/3) days per month of service.

Non-union (Exempt) employees are provided with 26 weeks of sick leave time, which is replenished after returning to work for 30 continuous working days.

Long Term Disability
Long Term Disability coverage is available to non-union (Exempt) employees. If illness or injury precludes the employee from working and continues beyond 26 weeks, the plan will pay a percentage amount based on normal earnings for as long as the employee is precluded from working to a maximum specified by the policy.

Accidental Death and Disability
Accidental Death and Disability insurance plans are available to select employee groups at the City of Richmond. These plans cover accidental death and accidental permanent disability involving irrecoverable loss of certain body parts and functions. Employees may opt to purchase additional Accidental Death and Disability insurance coverage.

Employee Family Assistance Program
The City of Richmond recognizes that balancing the demands of one’s personal, family, and work life can be challenging, and that professional counselling can help.

Our Employee Assistance Program is an innovative addition to the traditional benefits package and provides confidential and professional counselling for problems such as: marital and family difficulties; drug abuse; stress; bereavement; and psychological disorders. In addition, the Employee Family Assistance Program helps managers and supervisors deal with workplace violence and other critical events such as accidental death or natural disasters.

Vacation entitlement begins at three weeks of employment for CUPE employees, and at four weeks for non-union (Exempt) employees, with additional time accrued based on years of service or time worked.

Firefighters are entitled to vacation time after nine 12-hour shifts of duty (four days on, four days off). Depending on the schedule, taking nine shifts as vacation is the equivalent of approximately three consecutive weeks away from work.

Maternity, Parental, Adoption, Compassionate Care, Jury Duty, Family and Bereavement Leaves are granted based on provisions within the Collective Agreements and terms and conditions for non-union (Exempt) employees.


“Working for the City I live in has been a honour for me. They offer great benefits, the people are wonderful, and there are endless opportunities. The compressed work week is great when you are a parent. The City appreciates that I need time to spend with my family.”

Administrative Assistant
Supplemental unemployment benefits may be payable to eligible employees who are on approved maternity leave. Leave of absence without pay may be granted for other reasons.

Compressed Work Week
Most City of Richmond employees are eligible to participate in the compressed work week schedule, which requires an extension of each 7-hour workday to provide for one extra day off (compressed day) within each two-week period. Employees work nine days out of every ten working days.

Statutory Holidays
The City of Richmond observes twelve statutory holidays throughout the year. Depending in employment status, employees are able to take statutory holidays off with pay. Due to the nature of work in specialized areas, some employees may be given twelve days off with pay to use as their schedules permit.

Employee Parking
Many City of Richmond employees who drive their own vehicles to work are entitled to park at their work site at no cost.