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Our People

Meet Our People

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Meet Our People
Many City staff members have enjoyed long and fulfilling careers serving the needs of the citizens of Richmond, while others are excited to be just getting started. Our employees are as diverse and unique as the residents of our great city. Meet some of the wonderful and inspiring members of our team:

“I'm fortunate to have been supported by great people throughout all the departments I've worked in during my time with the City. Even when I have moved on from those divisions to something else within the City, those mentors and coaches have continued to support me. We have a really diverse group of staff who bring an immense wealth of skills, knowledge and experience with them - come join us!”
Corporate Assistant

Reena - Careers


Shaun - Careers

“I enjoy working at the City of Richmond because my coworkers are amazing people. They are enthusiastic about their jobs and are passionate about contributing to the workplace. This helps me look forward to coming to work each day."
Departmental Associate