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The City of Richmond as an Employer of Choice
Our employees will be the first to tell you why they love their jobs and why the City of Richmond is their employer of choice. 

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Paul - Careers “The absolute favourite part of my work day is interacting with my colleagues. City of Richmond staff are among the most professional, dedicated, caring, and intelligent employees an organization can have. The City has a workplace culture that challenges individuals to push for innovation and strive for excellence, but that is also highly supportive. Having experienced mentors and coaches who are willing to share their insights is one of the things I value most about working for the City of Richmond."
Program Manager

"The City of Richmond fosters a very team-oriented approach amongst its staff, in which I have received constant valuable mentoring and coaching from supervisors, as well as opportunities to take on a leadership role and support my colleagues as well."
Permit Centre Clerk

“I knew that there was more of an atmosphere here in Richmond to openly create new ideas and to implement new processes and procedures and to achieve whatever you choose to become, that's why I wanted to work for the City of Richmond.”
Supervisor, Planning and Development
Reg - Careers

"Within each of the divisions I have been in, there has always been someone that has great knowledge and is happy to share what they know with new people. They were always kind and patient. I would definitely tell others to consider working for the City. There is opportunity to take a lot of training and to work in different divisions to find out where your interests are."

Judy - Careers “I look forward to coming to work because every day is different. Kids come in, seniors come in - there are all kinds of activities for everyone. The City is great for being accessible and diverse. Every year we host a ballet recital and over 400 kids come rushing into the Arts Centre in their ballet costumes. It’s really cute to watch.”
Departmental Associate