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Employees Making a Difference

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Employees Making A Difference
Volunteering in the community is an essential part of our culture. Many of our employees go above and beyond expectations and give back to the community in extraordinary ways. Meet some of our people who devote their time to the happiness of others:

Art - Careers

“A highlight of my career was when I went to Sri Lanka for Habitat for Humanity. We shovelled every day from 8am to 4pm and between 18 of us we finished three houses. It’s a huge commitment, a month of your life, but very rewarding.”
“Two years ago I started an orphanage in Kenya where we have 22 children. Colleagues donated their kids gently worn clothing for me to bring to the kids. Others purchased school uniforms so the kids could go to school and others have become surrogate parents. Together we have made a difference in these kids' lives. On top of all that last year with a lot of help from staff we collected about one ton of warm blankets and clothing and distributed 520 food bags to the homeless in the Lower Mainland. Some clothing donations have been distributed to youth at risk, a men's shelter and other organizations in Richmond.”
Public Works Program Manager
Jennifer - Careers

Jodi - Careers

“My job lets me do good things for the community, like putting a nice pathway through the Richmond Nature Park and working on the community gardens at Garrett Wellness Centre. We have some of the nicest parks in Richmond.”