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Business Signage

Sign Permits and Regulations

When do you need a Sign Permit?
A sign permit is required for each business sign on the exterior of a commercial premise.  If you have a Richmond Business License and operate your business at a storefront location, you would most likely need a Sign Permit for your business sign(s).

How are signs regulated?
Richmond is a multicultural and inclusive community providing businesses with opportunities in a culturally diverse market. To promote community harmony, it is encouraged that 50% of the sign’s content be in English.

Richmond Sign Bylaw (No. 5560) regulates the size, design and location of exterior signage.  Regulated signage includes canopy, fascia and freestanding signs as well as signage promoting the sale or lease of real estate and directional signs on private properties. 

In general, a sign permit from the City is required prior to installation.  Some temporary signs such as election signs or rezoning/development notification signs are still regulated but do not require a sign permit.

The Sign Bylaw does not:

  • apply to interior signs; 
  • regulate promotional materials such as inserts in newspapers, posters in stores (even if visible externally); or
  • apply to advertisements

Please call 604-276-4017 if you have inquiries on sign application/submission requirements.

Each application for a sign permit shall submit, together with an application, a processing fee of $52.50. Upon approval of the application, this fee will be a credit towards the appropriate permit fee, which is based on the size of the sign. The maximum fee for each sign is $232.00. In cases of rejection of an application, the processing fee will not be refunded.

Prior to the issuance of a sign permit, the applicant shall submit the balance of the permit fee due.

  Application for Sign Permit (ZS-2)
Application for Sign Permit, Plans Required for Sign Permit Application, Cursory Reviews - Sign Permit Applications, Notice to Holders of Sign Permits.

PDF Document Doing Business in Richmond Basic Requirements English
PDF Document Doing Business in Richmond Basic Requirements Simplified Chinese
PDF Document Doing Business in Richmond Basic Requirements Traditional Chinese

Electrical Signs
Installing or altering electrical signs including fluorescent, neon, and LED signs is considered regulated electrical work. For further information on permitting requirements for electrical sign installations or alterations, visit BC Safety Authority.