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Filming on Location

Location Filming Fees

City of Richmond Location Filming Fee Schedule

Mandatory Fees

Application for Filming Agreement $110.00
Street Use Fee / 30m (100ft) / day $54.50
Production Office Business Licence $130.00
Parking signs and installation Full cost recovery

Other Fees

RCMP / per hour per person  (4 hour minimum) $112.00
Fire Engine / per hour (4 hour minimum) $140.00
Fire Captain / per hour (4 hour minimum) $96.50
Firefighter / per hour per person ( 4 hour / 3 firefighter minimum) $79.25
Use of Special Effects / per day $110.00
Use of Fire Hydrant (first day) $213.00
Use of Fire Hydrant (each additional day) $70.75
GST applies to most fees listed above and they are subject to change without notice. This is not a complete list of fees. Please contact the Richmond Film Office for more information.

Richmond Film Office
Office: 604-247-4659
Fax: 604-276-4132
Richmond Film Office
City of Richmond
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