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Filming on Location

Application Forms

When making an application to film in the City of Richmond please complete and submit the following forms:

PDF Document Filming Application Form
(Includes hold harmless agreement and guidelines)

PDF Document Student Filming Application Form

A Richmond Business Licence may be required for a Film Production Office:
PDF Document Business Licence Application Form.

If you require the use of a fire hydrant you must submit this form:
PDF Document Application for Use of City Fire Hydrant for Film Use

If you are using special effects, including explosives and pyrotechnics, you must complete and submit this form:
PDF Document Richmond Fire-Rescue Pyrotechnic Special Effects Permit Application Form

You may require an electrical permit. Electrical Permits are issued by the BC Safety Authority. Please visit their website for forms and information:

Richmond Filming Application Forms and attachments must be submitted to:

Richmond Film Office
Office: 604-247-4659
Fax: 604-276-4132

Richmond Film Office
City of Richmond
6911 No. 3 Road
Richmond BC, V6Y 2C1

Please include the following with your application:

  • Signed Hold Harmless Agreement.
  • Proof of General Liability Insurance in the amount of $5 million (minimum) with the City of Richmond named as additional insured.
  • Special Effects, Fire Hydrant and Business License Applications, as applicable.

Additional Information

  • City Services requirements (police, fire, signs, or other) must be determined in advance and a deposit must be paid a minimum of 72 hours prior to filming.
  • A damage deposit may also be required; an amount will be determined and must be paid 72 hours prior to filming.
  • A copy of the notice to merchants and resident must be forwarded to the Richmond Film Office for approval prior to distribution, notices must include the Richmond Film Office as an alternate contact person.
  • Late cancellation or changes of service requested may be subject to cancellation charges.
  • A parking plan for crew and work vehicles must be submitted to the Richmond Film Office for approval prior to approval being distributed.
  • For an special/practical effects work, including explosions, smoke, fire, gunfire or aerial work, a special effects meeting may be required and should be held at least 10 days prior to the work taking place.

Please see the Richmond Filming Guidelines for more information.